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Spanish is one of two Modern Languages taught at Killicomaine.

Modern Languages is a compulsory Area of Learning at Key Stage 3. It gives pupils opportunities to develop effective communication skills through listening, speaking, reading and writing in a target language.

This Area of Learning encourages pupils to explore their personal sense of place in their local area and in the wider world, developing their awareness of cultural diversity. It prepares pupils for moving comfortably between a range of cultural environments.

Pupils have opportunities to read a range of stimuli in the target language. This helps them to develop understanding of the richness of language as a means of communication and creative expression. They also learn to apply language-specific skills to real-life situations.


At Killicomaine Spanish is studied in Years 9 and 10:

Year 9

  • Introduction to learning Spanish

  • Greetings

  • Alphabet

  • Commands

  • School bag items

  • Numbers  

  • Dates

  • Countries

  • Nationalities

  • Languages

  • Family

  • Pets

  • Colours

  • Physical description

  • Personality

  • School

  • Time

Year 10


  • Describing school

  • Transport

  • House

  • Daily routine

  • Town

  • Directions

  • Hobbies

  • Preparation for GCSE

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