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Healthy Eating

Good nutrition is essential for children to grow properly, do their best in school and be healthy and happy in the future.  The School Catering Service at Killicomaine recognise their important role in influencing the eating habits of pupils whilst in school. A healthy menu that encourages children to eat the right food will certainly help them to continue a healthy pattern as they grow up.


School Catering is involved in promoting a healthier diet across a number of services, these include:

  • Healthy breaks

  • Compliance with Nutritional Standards for school lunches

  • Water in schools


Where are School Meals eaten? And what does a typical weekly School Catering Menu look like at KJHS?

School lunches are served in the main Assembly Hall. There are two lunch sittings as below:

Early Lunch: 12.30pm-1.10pm

Late Lunch: 1.05pm-1.45pm

A typical weekly menu can be seen below:

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 13.25.00.png
Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 13.25.12.png

Nutritional Standards

The School Catering Service at Killicomaine adheres to standards, that have been set out about what types of food to provide, and how often. Nutritional Standards for school meals and other food in schools are based on the five food groups in the Eatwell Guide.

For further information on Nutritional Standards for School Food please click on the links below:

School Food - Nutritional standards for school lunches

School Food - Nutritional standards for other food and drinks in schools


The Home Economics Department run a School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG) in conjunction with our Catering Service, pupils and supported by the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). It is essentially a working party, to help review school food culture and develop and implement an action plan to improve it. Pupils from each Year Group in School are represented at these meetings.


Here are some frequently asked questions about school meals.

How much does a school meal cost?



Prices as of 1st September 2017

What if my child has a dietary Requirement?

The school catering service can cater for special dietary requirements that have been medically prescribed as well as for religious beliefs. If your child has a special dietary need please contact our School Office and our School Catering Manager will be more than happy to accommodate your child’s needs.


What Food Hygiene Rating does the School Canteen have?

We are delighted that our current Food Hygiene Rating is 5 (11th May 2018 last inspection)

The school meals premises are registered with the Environmental Health Department at our local ABC Council. Environmental Health Officers inspect our premises regularly, make recommendations where necessary and provide a ‘hygiene rating’. The food hygiene rating system is run by local Councils in partnership with the Food Standards Agency and shows how closely the business is meeting the requirements of food hygiene law. 

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