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Positive Mental Health

'To support our pupils mental, social and emotional health and well-being'

We encourage pupils to use the ‘5 steps to well-being' approach to support mental health and well-being.


The NHS promote these simple actions to promote mental health and well-being

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Self Help

Please speak to an adult that you trust if you are concerned about something.


The Here2Help app can be downloaded from the App and play stores.

Here2Help is a pocket guide that may be able to give you some direction or help to your situation, if you are worried about someone or if you are feeling the pressure of life. Then Help is here and support is available…


If you have a concern linked to bullying, you can download and complete the following form and give it to your form teacher. It might be that someone is bullying you or you have witnessed someone being bullied. 

KJHS - Bullying Concern Form

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