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Learning & Teaching

KJHS Common Vision of Learning

At KJHS, we endeavour to equip pupils with the skills and capabilities that will enable them to become independent, reflective, lifelong learners.

As a school, we are passionate and committed to engaging pupils in active learning contexts across all areas of the curriculum so that they may develop personal and interpersonal skills; capabilities and dispositions; and the ability to think both creatively and critically by integrating metacognitive tools, for example, Thinking Frames. 

In seeking to intentionally develop pupils' metacognitive skills and capacities for self- regulation, the strands within the Northern Ireland Curriculum's Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities will be addressed,.i.e. Managing Information, Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making, Being Creative. Working with Others and Self-Management.


In the development of skills and capabilities we aim to:

  • develop pupils’ appreciation of the learning process rather than focusing only on the products of learning;

  • develop pupils as active, independent learners rather than passive absorbers of information;

  • enable pupils to go beyond the mere recall of information to develop deeper understanding of topics;

  • create positive dispositions and habits for learning;

  • provide pupils with a new range of criteria against which they can evaluate their progress in learning and develop a greater sense of self.

  • develop pupils’ understanding of the transferability of their skills and capabilities; and

  • encourage pupils to take ownership of their learning and to recognise the role of the teacher as a facilitator in the learning process.

In summary, we want our pupils to learn how to learn and to think.

“I think school is a place where thinking should be taught.”

Edward de Bono


The school is currently collaborating with Thinking Matters to use a range of thinking frames and other metacognitive tools to help pupils’ with self-regulation and independence,

Thinking frames are meta-cognitive tools which help pupils visualise their thinking and then aid them in communicating their thoughts and ideas. 

Recently, a dedicated and most valued Drive Team has been established to lead this learning and teaching strategy.

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