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Using ICT is one of the three Cross-Curricular Skills at the heart of the curriculum.  Developing pupils’ digital skills encourages them to handle and communicate information, solve problems, pose questions and be creative in using digital technology.

The emphasis in Using ICT is on pupils using digital skills appropriately while engaging in meaningful and purposeful activities.  Ideally, teachers will provide a context of relevant, real-life situations when developing these skills.

Teachers have a responsibility to provide pupils with experiences of Using ICT that are appropriate to their subject.  They should also help pupils to acquire and develop the skills necessary to become informed and responsible users of digital technology.


At Killicomaine we study the following over the three years:

Year 8

Word Processing & Formatting

Online Safety

Presentation work –     Power point

Spreadsheets & Charts

MS Publisher

Comic Life

Scratch Programming

Year 9


Modelling Data / Charts

Mulitmedia Presentation

Programming – Microbit

Web Design - Expression

MS Publisher


Scratch Programming

Year 10


Multimedia – iMovie

Web Design - Expression

Programming – HTML

Data Handling

Special ICT events

Beltech Conference

The annual tech event which has driven and enabled an explosion of activity in the local tech community, curated by Kainos and hosted by Aisling Events.

Each year our ICT department receives an invite to bring a group of pupils to the event in Belfast.  The programme features a mix of engaging technology demos and inspiring talks that will educate and enthuse pupils about the potential of a career in technology.


Bring IT On Presentation giving pupils an overview of careers in the ICT sector in Northern Ireland.  Pupils discover how important ICT is to the local economy, learn about the range of pathways into the sector, the benefits of being employed in the sector and the vast range of training and employment opportunities available to them in Northern Ireland.


Digital Youth Masterclass

Programmes focus on Digital Technology, Business planning, Finance, Marketing and PR.

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