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‘The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.’
- Theodore Roosevelt

The study of History is about more than simply memorising dates and the deeds of famous figures. History is a chronicle of human behaviour - a real-life drama full of villains and heroes, the mighty and the meek. It examines the circumstances that moved its players to transform people and places (for better and for worse), and it holds the answers to how and why our lives are fashioned the way they are today - from our language, fashion and technology to our sports, political systems and religious practices.

At Killicomaine Pupils study a broad and balanced range of historical periods from Irish, British, European and global contexts, giving them a richer understanding of their own identity, culture and society.

Teachers encourage pupils to engage with History in an active, critical way. This helps them to assess evidence, evaluate conflicting accounts and understand the causes and consequences of change. These skills equip pupils with the capabilities to be active and engaged members of our society.


At Killicomaine we study the following over the three years:

Year 8

What is History?

The Normans

Significant Individuals in the 20th Century

Year 9

Age of Discovery: The Tudor Period

What is Terrorism?

The Partition of Ireland

Year 10

The Partition of Ireland

20th Century Genocide: Rise of the Nazi Party

20th Century Research Project

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