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In Art and Design, pupils have opportunities to develop personal creativity and Whole Curriculum Skills and Capabilities. They explore drawing and graphic media, ceramics, three-dimensional construction and digital media.

Art and Design activities enable pupils to:

  • observe and interpret their visual environment;

  • visually express their ideas, thoughts, feelings and personal responses;

  • explore and develop imagination and ideas;

  • solve problems and create solutions, designs and products;

  • use art and design vocabulary to critically analyse and evaluate art and design works;

  • understand shape and space in two and three dimensions; and

  • explore and use a range of techniques and materials, developing practical skills and dexterity.

Pupils also have opportunities to collaborate, work independently, embrace diversity and disrupt existing preconceptions and stereotypes. Teachers give pupils as much experience as possible of real-life contexts for Art and Design, for example through looking at the work of local artists and working to a brief like a designer would.


At Killicomaine we study the following over the three years:

Year 8

A World of Colour & Shape

Autumn Leaves with a focus on pattern, shape and painting skills. 100% of Christmas mark.

Ways of Looking

Mark making flower. Pupils experiment with as many different media and marks as possible creating a flower without drawing a contour just using marks.

Sweets Still Life. 2 assessment pieces. Liquorice sweets assessment – 30% Summer of mark. Summer Still Life set up – 70% Summer of mark. Both pieces focus on observation and recording skills; drawing 3D forms, considering use of scale and proportion. Students will also develop their shading skills in colouring pencil.  


Pupils look at the illustration examples of artist Mark Hearld and create a bird inspired by the artist.

Year 9

Me, People & Places

Blind contour portraits.

Pupils will create a self-portrait drawn using measurements taught in class. Painted in style of chosen artist; Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Francoise Nielly, Edvard Munch and Henri Matisse are options. 100% of Christmas mark.

Wire portraits in Style of Alexander Calder.

Beyond Colour & Shape into Texture in Ceramics

Ceramic Tile inspired by chosen season. Design sheets will be 30 % Summer mark. Tile 70% of Summer mark. Pupils will also complete a financial capability clay costing task, where they will imagine they are a self-employed ceramicist. They will calculate the cost of their raw materials, price for profit and add VAT cost to their piece. 


In groups pupils will create an animation using a paper cut out technique and iStopmotion.

Year 10

Still Life Observation & Recording

Still Life – 30% of Transfer. Pupils will create an interesting set up of objects (perhaps based on their interests e.g. baking) and record what they see. 

Selling things with Art

Pupils will create typography work to a design brief creating various word art lettering pieces.

Transfer Art Exam

Transfer 70% - students create a piece based on the title they have chosen. Titles vary each year.

Painted collages. Pupils will create a painted collage piece inspired by Clover Robin, Mark Hearld, Eric Carle and Elizabeth St Hilaire Nelson.

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