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:: Residentials ::
Shannaghmore Outdoor Activity Centre

:: The Wizard of Oz - December 2003 ::
"My favourite part in the Wizard of Oz was when the lion cried. I really liked the lion because she was so funny."
Lee Metcalfe P4
"I was a rainbow dancer. I danced to a song called somewhere over the rainbow. There were seven rainbow dancers and we were all one of the seven colours of the rainbow. I really enjoyed dancing."
Samantha Richardson P5

"I played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. I had a lot of lines to learn but I really enjoyed it. In the show I met up with scarecrow, tin man and lion and we all went off to see the wizard. I had to act, sing and dance. I had a lovely costume and I had to wear make up. My favourite song was somewhere over the rainbow, I had to sing this on my own."
Michelle Burns P5
"I was a general in the show, I had to march up and down and shout commands. I had to wear a green tunic and a special hat. My favourite song was the Merry Old Land of Oz; it had a really good tune. My favourite character was scarecrow; I thought he was really funny."
Joel Richardson P5

"I was the Lady Of Oz. I had to chase the lion around the stage. If I was not the Lady of Oz I would have liked to play the part of Dorothy because she had to sing on her own."
Rebecca Blake P5
"I was a citizen of Oz, I appeared in scene 5. I think the best part of the show was when the witch went into the cauldron. I think everyone had a great time."
Clarissa Hewitt P4

"I was a skeleton in the Wizard of Oz. I had to wear a skeleton suit that glowed in the dark. I had to do a spooky dance."
Andrew Trueman P4
"We all really enjoyed our show THE WIZARD OF OZ and we would love to do it all over again."

:: Pupils - 2002/03 ::
P7 Boys 2002/03
P7 Girls 2002/03

Soccer Team 2002/03
Mid Ulster Small Schools League Winners

:: Work and Play at Annaghmore ::
P1 and Reception pupils spent a lovely day at the Teddy Bear Hospital in Dungannon in September 2003.
The children each brought along a sick or injured teddy from home.

A nurse measured the blood pressure of two Annaghmore boys.
They were both normal !
The children were fascinated watching a nurse remove the plaster cast from a poor little teddy that had broken its leg.

Annaghmore Key Stage 1 pupils enjoying their sponsored walk in September 2002.
Annaghmore Reception and P1 Children are pictured handling the sea creatures at Exploris during a Cross-Community visit with St. John's, Eglish.

P1 pupils modelling their party hats prior to performing during the school's Harvest assembly.
P2 & P3 children enjoy the sunshine on our fun and games day with St. John's in June 2003.

P6 pupils enjoying a rest in Castlewellan Forest Park during their residential.
The scene from the top of Edinburgh Castle taken by one of our P7 children during their residential in June.

P7 girls enjoy their visit to study the ducks at Castle Espie.
P1 pupils enjoy a very practical Numeracy lesson.




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