Any interested 10th year pupils can try out the School Rowing Club on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. A basic introduction to the sport is provided at Portadown Boat Club where we do a training course.
By the end of the course you will be able to row in a boat known as a quad. A quad consists of 4 people sculling and a cox.
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'Sweep rowing ' in a VIII
If you would be interested in joining the Rowing Club speak to your P.E. teacher or any pupil involved in the Rowing Club.
This year the pupils enjoyed the School Rowing Club so much that most of them ended up becoming members of Portadown Boat Club.

Cox Craig Carville controls the boat - full of girls - lucky boy!

After the school's basic training course has been completed you can continue to row with Portadown Boat Club. This means training every Wednesday night and Saturday morning with the Boat Club Team. You will progress to sweep rowing in a VIII. This is a boat holding 8 scullers and a cox.

Luckily for Craig he knows his place!

This year's pupils took part in competitions and had considerable success, winning their event in the Bann head and coming second in Galway against a Junior 18 team.

Pupils who took part in training with their coach, Rodney.
Club members at Portadown Boat Club.